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Marjorie Harvey’s Response to Steve Harvey’s New Look Has Fans Cracking Up

Steve Harvey is back on air after a summer hiatus and his new look is certainly capturing the attention of viewers.

“All right everybody. Here we go, new season of ‘Steve’,” Harvey says as he walks the halls of his daytime talk show Tuesday, Sept. 4. “All-new show. New look. You can tell, huh? OK, we’ll see how that goes. The wife likes it so pretty much, she’s a determining factor here.

“But, you know, it’s time to change,” he adds. “Time to reinvent yourself. So we’re goin’ for a new season. C’mon. Let’s go.”

And Marjorie Harvey certainly made it clear she loved the change.

Several fans ate up the comedian’s new appearance (and his wife’s response to it), which he first debuted while he wrapped up his summer vacation in Europe.

“@marjorie_harvey 😂🤣😅”

“@marjorie_harvey lol.”

“@marjorie_harvey I hear ya Marjorie 😂 freak nasty lol”

“@marjorie_harvey 👌🏽 love this look on the hubby!! 😍”

“I love the beard. @marjorie_harvey told you right. Be unapologetically you. I love your beard. And it doesn’t hide the dimples.”

“Uncle Steve looking like Melvin Franklin from The Temptations.”

Harvey, who initially showed off his beard in August, asked fans if they thought he should keep the new accessory to his bald head once he heads back to work.

“In Paris doing radio, coming back home soon and I will be taking votes on keeping the beard or not…..” he said of a much-needed vote.

Several fans voted “yay” but a few thought “nay.”

“Please, get rid of the beard, sir. I love your original look, sir.”

“No Steve, [let’s lose] the beard.”

But there were lots of commenters who maintained that the only person whose opinion mattered way Harvey’s spouse.

“Whatever Marjorie said I am riding with her 🌷.”

“I don’t care Steve cause at the end of your decision, Marjorie has the last say…lmbo. BOOM!”



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