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D.L. Hughley Rips Kanye West In Epic Four-Minute Diss: ‘You Got a Lot of Voices in Your Head; One of Them Should Tell You to Shut Up’

A lot of people are still buzzing about Kanye West and his tweet about wanting the 13th Amendment abolished. It’s something the rapper messaged earlier this week, and he immediately caused a lot of anger and confusion.

D.L. Hughley recently weighed in on the controversy during his radio show, and he blasted the “Life of Pablo” producer for nearly four minutes straight. But first he said musicians shouldn’t even try to minimize the brutality of slavery, because it’s totally useless.

D.L. Hughley Blasts Kanye West Over Slavery Comments


“[Kanye] is a tremendously gifted artist and producer,” said D.L. “But I defy anybody to write a song so dope that it makes me forget slavery and the brutality of it. Ain’t no music that good and no performer is that great and no words are that powerful.”

“He keeps doing this thing where he minimizes slavery and puts an asterisk on it without understanding what he’s saying,” added the comedian. “Keep your mouth off slavery. There are some things you cannot say. Slavery is a blot on this country that we’ll never recover from, and you keep making light of it for whatever dumb-ass project you got coming out.”

D.L. then said that Black people are constantly reminded of racism because of certain American statues and landmarks, which Kanye is only reinforcing with his remarks.

“We don’t need the dude who produced ‘[The College] Dropout’ to make it worse,” he said.

Afterwards, the comedian took Kanye to task for his ongoing support of Donald Trump and said both he and Trump like to use Black people as “backdrops” whenever they want to carry out a personal agenda.

“Donald Trump says you’re leading us,” said D.L. “If anything, you’re leading us back to a time when people could own you. And I’ll be damned if I take advice from someone who had liposuction and is on antidepressants. You got a lot of voices in your head; one of them should tell you to shut up.”

It didn’t take long for people to praise the 55-year-old funnyman for condemning Kanye and his words.

“Man, I love D.L.’s honesty,” one person wrote. “He said he’s not listening to a dude that had liposuction and takes antidepressants. I wanted to rewind it.”

“You speak the truth, brother. Kanye is terribly misinformed and sadly misled,” wrote another. “When are we going to use our economics to shut down this ridiculous man? I know people are still praising his art, just turning their heads like them damn Republicans. Hit it where it hurts, them dollars.”

“I applaud you and you’re co-hosts for keeping things real,” a third person commented. “Kanye has been brainwashed or flat out ignorant. I just cannot with that guy.”

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