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50 Cent’s Son Disses Rapper After He Jokes About Shutting Down His Mom’s Reality Show

50 Cent is once again discussing how he was able to shutter a planned reality series between his son’s mother and Nas daughter’s mother. And the rapper’s son has responded.

Shaniqua Tompkins, who is the mother of 50’s of 20-year-old Marquise Jackson, and Nas‘ daughter’s mother, Carmen Bryan, had been planning to star in a reality show that is “based on urban women in business empowering one another,” as Bryan shared with Mara The Hip-Hop Socialite last month.

“See right here Shaniqua this is the life rights agreement you signed. See this paragraph says you can’t do reality Tv ok. LOL 🤨get the strap #bellator #lecheminduroi,” 50 said in a Tuesday, Oct. 2, Instagram post. It was accompanied by a meme of himself looking quizzically at a notebook as he sat next to a golden retriever in the bleachers.

And 50 wasn’t done there. He made a follow-up post accompanied by a similar image, which read, “🤭you starting to look a little thirsty you ok? Child support ls over😟l don’t know what else to say,🤷🏽‍♂️wait call Floyd he will let you strip at his joint. #bellator #lecheminduroi.”

50 cent


The rapper’s remarks echo those he posted on Instagram last week where he demanded Tompkins “go get a f—ing job” and claimed he halted the reality series from happening.

Now, his son has given his take on the matter, with Jackson saying on his own IG page, And y’all wonder why I don’t respect him as a man or a father? You had a good run but it’s over big fella lol it’s been a decade. You’re 40+ you can grow up any day now 🤗❤️”

50 cent

Even commenters on 50’s original post found the remark immature and shady.

“you’re so immature, grow tf up, wack ass.”

“This is sad.”

“And he had the nerve to pick on @tyrese 😑”

“I really wish parents didn’t let their kids into their beef.”

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