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Mother of Nas’ Child Teases She’s Joining Mom of 50 Cent Child for a New Reality Show

Carmen Bryan, the mother of rapper Nas‘ first child, says she is teaming up for a new reality show with Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of rapper 50 Cent‘s first child.

Bryan who recently dropped her book entitled “Life After Child Support: When the Checks Stop Coming,” told Mara The Hip-Hop Socialite about her upcoming show during a recent interview. She explained that this reality show will be different and feature more women other than just Tompkins. “Shaniqua Tompkins and I are working on a reality show, and I’m not allowed to share the title yet, but it will be filmed in New York and Los Angeles. We will have a few other ladies participating in the show, and basically, it’s a show based on urban women in business empowering one another,” Bryan said.

Nas’ ex-boo said that her show will not be ratchet and feature “wig snatching and wine throwing.” She said she wants to show black women in a positive light. “We’re trying to put a spin on black excellence showing women in an organic environment that can come together, inspire one another, work on their brands and their businesses, and if there is any tension or disagreements, it’s organic, it’s resolved, and we move on to the next aspect of the program.” She ended by saying, “Just basically showing our lives, our children, our family, and again, trying to create a new spin on reality television. Showing black women in a better light.”

Although Bryan was unable to discuss the show title, she did say the reality show is coming soon.

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