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Remy Ma Gets Slammed On Social Media For Defending Bill Cosby: ‘Some of Them Were Lying’

There’s a lot of people not too happy with Remy Ma right now for what she said about Bill Cosby.

The backlash came after an episode of RevoltTV’s “State of the Culture” surfaced, where the hosts were talking about Cosby being sentenced to prison for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman.

Remy Ma Slammed for Defending Bill Cosby


Co-host Scottie Beam spoke first and said she was glad the comedian was behind bars, as did Joe Budden and the other host Jinx.

Remy, however, felt that some of the 60 women who accused Cosby of rape or sexual assault were lying, and their stories possibly coerced by the police. The Bronx rapper also said she was speaking from her own experience with the judicial system since she spent seven years in prison for shooting one of her friends.

“Me knowing personally how the system works, they work out these deals, and they set you up and they have people say things and admit to things that they’ve never ever done,” she explained.

“I’m defending people that have been done wrong, not only by the system and by people that lie, people that go on bandwagons,” added Remy. “I’m not saying that every one of them is lying but out of 60 women, when I sat down and listened to them, I felt that some of them were lying. I feel like some of them are not telling the truth.”

Remy then brought up the case of Brock Turner, the former Stanford University student who was convicted of sexual assault after he digitally penetrated a woman while she was passed out behind a dumpster.

“[He only received] six months,” she said. “If you feel comfortable outside behind a dumpster, I’m sure this isn’t the first time. The higher up you are in the public eye, especially when your skin is [Black], they love to tear people and bring them down.”

Afterwards, people tore into Remy and said she’s unable to see Cosby as himself.

“Remy Ma has very trash views on sexual assault victims, and is one of the many Black people who can’t distinguish Bill Cosby from a fictional character he played,” one person wrote.

“The way Remy Ma defends Black men is annoying, and she does this on the basis of skin color,” wrote another. “The situation where she chooses to do so is actually gross.”

But a lot of people agreed with Remy and said Cosby is the victim of a conspiracy. Many also criticized Scottie Beam and accused her of buying into popular opinion. 

“Scottie represents the worst, tunnel vision and surface opinions of Black twitter,” someone commented. “I can go to social media to hear Scottie’s opinions.”

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