Halle Berry Rips Apart White Man Who Tried to Accuse Her of Sexual Assault

Someone accused Halle Berry of sexually assaulting him, and the actress was none too pleased about it. In fact, not only did Berry deny it, she blasted the accuser and got a big response for it.

“Bumped into Halle at a party,” wrote a man name Heath Wilson under Berry’s comment section of an unrelated post. “I was a little drunk and knocked the drink out of her hand. I tried to apologize, but she grabbed me by my genitalia and said ‘This is how you can say sorry.’ I told her no, but she persisted.”

“I was lucky enough to get away but imagine how many of her victims weren’t able to escape her clutches,” the man added. “Just telling my truth. #whowillstandwithme.”

“I don’t know you, bruh,” responded Berry. “And you don’t get to make comments about me like this. I have never met you, nor have I ever disrespected anyone the way you have suggested. Now get a life and get the f— off my page with that bullsh–. Peace chicken grease.”

After Berry’s response, Wilson made his Instagram page private, so it’s safe to assume he was blasted by her fans as well.

Meanwhile, a lot of folks seemed surprised by the actress’ words and tone. Others, however, said they knew she could get a little “hood” if necessary. 

“I knew about Halle when I saw the outtakes from her on the ‘Bernie Mac Show,’” one person wrote. “Tasha jumps up like she was going to get out the casket and do something. When Halle said ‘Well, get your ass out then,’ I screamed and watched that clip at least five more times. She was so smooth and natural with it so yeah, I can see her typing every single word of that response.”

“People always act shocked when a Halle or Obama or Mariah’s Black[ness] flies out their ass,” another person wrote. “They are old school, mixed people who identify with Blackness. They know what the game is, and I’m sure have had to defend themselves too many times to name.”

There were also some who said the accuser was trying to ride the coattails of the #MeToo movement, and they thanked Berry for setting him straight.

“I’m glad she gathered him,” one person commented.

“This made me cackle,” someone else wrote. “I love this. Go Ms. Berry.”

Halle Berry Blasts White Man Who Accused Her of Sexual Assault


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