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Fans Poke Fun At Steve Harvey For Claiming He Doesn’t Care About Pusha T’s Diss

Steve Harvey was one of the subjects of Pusha T’s songs that was released over the summer and months later, the comedian has shared a public response.

On his online show, “Rolling with Steve Harvey,” which is taped during a break between filming “Family Feud,” Harvey went in on Pusha’s lyrics in the rapper’s Drake diss track, “The Story of Adidon.”

The song, which was released in May and thrust Drake’s love child in the public spotlight, contains lyrics referencing Harvey’s old school suits that Drakes’ dad, Dennis Graham apparently sports.

“How you a winner but she keep comin’ in last place? / Monkey-suit Dennis, you parade him / A Steve Harvey-suit n—a made him,” Pusha rapped.

Steve Harvey

So when Harvey got the chance to respond to the mockery, he did so in a creative and humorous way. But before dropping some bars, Harvey said when he learned Pusha dropped his name, it didn’t “move the needle in my life.”

“They’ve said negative s— about me in rap songs, they said positive s—. Most of its cool, some of it ain’t,” he continues. “Do you think I care what a raper thinks of me? A rapper, dawg? I don’t give a s— what a singer thinks of me. I don’t give a f— what a politician think of me.”

Harvey admitted he didn’t even know who Pusha T was when he was told about the song.

“Where is this broke ass boy? Where he come from?” he says. “Pusher T don’t help me with none of my bills, Pusha T don’t answer my prayers, Pusha T doesn’t give me health. Pusher T. Who the f— is Pusha T?”

Then, Harvey rattles off a rap of his own to hit back at the Bronx, N.Y.-born MC.

“Who the f— is Pusha T, f—ing with me / You better watch out T, you don’t know who I be / Somebody best know not to f— with me / I’m all in yo ass, I got mo’ cash / I’ll do anything I want, smack that ass / I don’t give a s— if yo name is Pusha T,” he raps to an applauding audience.

The video got Harvey’s online fans buzzing.

“Pusha T about to reveal that Steve Harvey’s children are illegitimate.”

“at least Steve Harvey responded lmao.”

“Did Drake put you up to this? Lmafo.”

“Come on be your own man steve pusha t gave u a shout out about your suits listen to the rap and its not always about money cause u dont know if u got more money then him steve lmao.”

“Steve got in his feelings bout them ugly ass suits 😂😂😂. He claimed to not care about Push but went on a two minute rant and wrote a rhyme. Damn Steve.”

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