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Drake’s Dad Gets Clowned by Wendy Williams After He Tears Into Talk Show Host

Wendy Williams has hit reply to Drake’s dad and she took a jab at him along the way.

Dennis Graham got upset Wednesday, May 30 when he caught wind of Williams discussing his son’s beef with Pusha T on her talk show.

Among her remarks were Drake’s use of blackface — a photo of which was used on the cover of Pusha’s diss track, “The Story of Adonis” — and saying that Rihanna “dodged a bullet” by leaving the rapper.

“This picture’s disgusting,” she says. “Drake, who are you? So, this is what you have to do to be a top contender on radio now? I’m so turned off. Eww.

“So, you don’t write your own music? So, anything you say is not really from your heart,” she added. “You’re stupid enough to wear blackface with the cha, cha, cha hands at that … and then, what’s this we hear about you having a baby with a stripper?”

Drake is alleged to have fathered a child with a former adult film actress, who he is reported to have supported since before his son was born.

The comments — along with Williams stating Pusha accused Drake of parading his dad around in Steve Harvey suits — seemed to have sent Graham over the edge.

“This Rupaul Drag Race queen looking B#+##^ has stepped out of her lane,” he wrote on Instagram. “You know nothing about Drake or myself. Do your research before you try and be funny to your 79 capacity audience, Rupaul Jr. WATCH HOW YOU SPEAK ON OUR NAME!!!!!!!! I lost all respect for you today !!!!”

In response, Williams seemed puzzled about why Graham got so heated.

“I don’t know why Drake’s dad is mad,” she wrote in a note posted to Instagram. “All I did was recite Pusha’s lyrics.

“All jokes aside I really like Steve Harvey’s suits,” she added. “He’s a sharp dresser. And that Beefsteak Charlie mustache that Drake’s dad has is mean. Just mean.”

The post was punctuated with a crying laughing emoji in the caption.

Fans applauded the joke in the comments.

“Drake’s dad just wanted to extend himself to promote himself…he really looks like a pimp.😂😂😂.”

“LMAO this is grade A shade😂😂😂😂😂 love it.”

“Wendy straight no chaser and hold the ice…hit ya gut ugh 😄😃”

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