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Fans Defend Joseline Hernandez After Critics Blast Her for Looking Good But Dressing Daughter Like a ‘Lil Old Lady’

Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez is receiving backlash on her parenting skills once again and this time fans are critiquing how she dresses one-year-old Bonnie Bella.

The reality star took to Instagram on Monday and shared a sweet picture of her baby girl grinning from ear-to-ear. Little Bella was dressed in an over-sized “Moschino” hoodie with a teddy paired with a white skirt, pink ankle socks, and blue strap-on shoes.

Joseline Hernandez

(photo credit: Joseline Instagram)

Hernandez captioned the image, “To all the babies in the world! Have an amazing day in school 😁😁 From #bonniebella.”

Instagram users gushed over Bella’s adorable outfit and said “she looks so cute.”

However, other fans slammed Hernandez for dressing the one-year-old in “baggy” and “old” clothes while she dresses super-fly.

“Why the hell do you dress her so tacky,” asked one fan.

“This little girl is adorable but her mom doesn’t know how to dress her lol she is a cutie tho,” said another.

“Joseline what does she have on and why you don’t dress like that.”

“Her mother & daddy need they ass whooped she need a stylish.”

Other fans instantly jumped in.

“Well at least she’s not dressing her with tight clothing or dressing her too grown,” said one fan.

“She’s a baby…you forgot?? Wow…smh,” said another fan.

“You are a big fool,” commented one fan.”

“I love that Joseline Letts Her Be A Real Kid,” said a fan.

In the past, the 31-year-old also received a lot of smack about Bella’s hair from fans. Nevertheless, the Internet skewered Hernandez last week for posting a series of provocative photos online and accused her of setting bad example for her daughter. One person even told the star, “Joseline put on some clothes you’re a mother now. Set an example for your daughter.”

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