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Steve Harvey’s Unbothered As Fans Debate If His Beard Should Really Stick Around

Steve Harvey recently shared a video of him gearing up to support his pal Kevin Hart in his new comedy “Night School,” but fans commenting seemed more concerned about whether or not the talk show host’s new grey beard suits him.

“We bout to go in to see the new Kevin Hart movie ‘Night School.’ Going to check out Kevin. Support my brother, man,” Harvey says in a clip at ArcLight Cinemas in Sherman Oaks, Calif., Monday, Sept. 24. “Producing this movie himself. It’s big business for him. We got to all get out and support ‘Night School.'”

steve harvey

Steve, who was joined by friends Corey Gamble and “Steve Harvey Morning Show” co-host Kier “Junior” Spates, added more in the caption of the clip, in which he showed off the extensive theater bar full of liquor.

“About to see Night School with my boys @coreygamble and @juniorshms. Support @kevinhart4real and @tiffanyhaddish ya’ll. Go see Night School this weekend!!! Also, tune in tomorrow morning for Kevin Hart’s takeover of @steveharveyfm from 6-10am.”

However, fans were much more concerned about the new facial hair Harvey has been sporting as of late.

Some fans ate up the look.

“The beard looks really nice on you.”

“They loving your beard don’t 4get to try @richbyrickross beard oil, it will have you glossing like a Boss @sallysbeauty @jcpennys @richforever.”

“Steve the beard looks great on you. Keep up the good work with all that you’re doing.”

But others thought it was a no-go.

“That beard 😩🤦🏽‍♀️”

“No beard, we can’t see your handsome faces 😊”

“Steve…how about if you shave your beard? Lol I loved the mustache better! But hey its still you! And thats all it matters to me!!”

“No beard. I know Marjorie love it but not me for you. I heard ur show was cancelled. What are you going to do buy a television studio. We know you can afford it. Bet2. Is needed.”

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