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Twitter Lights Up After Rumors Fly About Moniece Slaughter and K. Michelle ‘Smashing’

Social media went haywire after “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood“‘s new castmate La’Britney claimed singers Moniece Slaughter and K. Michelle “dipped” into each other’s lady ponds.

During an explosive episode of “LHHH” on Monday, an argument between Slaughter and La’Britney broke out. The cast took a trip to London, England, and definitely carried a suitcase of drama with them.

Moniece Slaughter

The nature of the relationship between Moniece Slaughter (left) and K. Michelle became a salacious subject after a recent episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

In the midst of hitting London’s streets, La’Britney confronted Slaughter about spreading rumors of her sleeping with Lyrica Anderson‘s husband A1 Bentley. The Detroit rapper was highly upset and went for Slaughter’s jugular by saying, “I’m not running around spreading rumors like my assistant told me that you were eating K. Michelle’s p***y.”

The entire cast became silent as Slaughter denied the rumor of a sexual liaison between her and “Kimberly.”

“She is one of my really good friends and I love her death, but I am in a relationship with someone else,” said Slaughter. She also clapped back at La’Britney in her confessional and added, “You wanted my girlfriend to eat your p***y. There’s only one blackberry that she’s allowed to taste so take your La’B**chiness somewhere else.”

Fans were appalled by La’Britney’s claims, which sent social media into a tizzy.

“Wellllll Moniece ain’t deny eating K Michelle cat tho.”

“WTH did I just hear, Kmichelle and Moniece smashing, Lordt!”

“My girl @moniece_slaughter was not moved at all… Wait did la Brit or what her name is said her assistant told her that what? Lol La Brit is waste of space and energy, throw her away.”

“Moniece had that look like no she didn’t just expose me like that 😂 . Whether it is true or not, there’s a difference between a stank face and a bitch what face . Just saying!”

“Damn she needs some SOAP soap on that face 😒😩😂.”

“Whoo the Ghetto! K.Michelle and moniece did what now 🙀 #LHHH.”

Slaughter recently begged VH1 producers to be released from her contract with “LHHH” and said she’s on the verge of “another” mental breakdown.

“My depression. My anxiety. My sleep deprivation. My weight loss. Are at an all time high. And with a slightly teary stare, I am begging you. Humbly. Desperately. Please. Release me,” Slaughter wrote.

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