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Steve Harvey Explains How Stevie Wonder’s Prank Nearly Gave Him a Heart Attack

Steve Harvey is sharing another humourous life experience and this time it involves getting pranked by Stevie Wonder.

In the online segment called “Rolling with Steve Harvey,” the “Family Feud” host detailed a time that the Grammy-winner pulled one over on him.

It occurred when Harvey was on-air in Atlanta and parked his new Lincolnwood truck in front of the building before heading up to the radio station. It was around the time that Wonder was supposed to be in town playing keyboards at a concert.

“My bodyguard came up stars,” Harvey recalled. “He said, ‘Mr. Harvey, they’re trying to move some pipes downstairs. Your truck is in the way. Give me your keys.’ So I gave him the keys. I ain’t think nothing of it. I’m on the radio, I get a phone call. It’s Stevie Wonder.”

Wonder was supposed to be a guest on the program. When Harvey, who was on the 19th floor of the building, asked where the musician was, Wonder said he’d just arrived.

“He said, ‘I’m here, man. I’m just pulling up.’ I said, ‘Motherf—er, you can’t drive,” Harvey recalled, remarking on Wonder’s blindness. “He said, ‘Oh, yes, I can. Look out the window.’ This motherf—er was in my new truck with the windows down and it was moving real slow and the motherf—er was waving!”

Those who watched the clip online were rolling with laughter.

“Stevie was wilding lol 😀 😀”

“Hahahahahha Stevie is the OG savage hahahahahha.”

“That’s funny.”


This is just one of the newest stories Harvey shared on the segment. In the last one, Harvey detailed what led him to split from his first two wives. One, Mary Lee Harvey, was deemed “Lucifer” and the comic said she was “so evil” after she fell asleep on his arm. The other was Marcia Harvey, whom his pastor discouraged him from divorcing since it didn’t fall in line with the church’s morals.

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