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Steve Harvey Explains Why He Divorced His Ex-Wives In the Funniest Way Possible

Steve Harvey is a comedian who isn’t afraid to laugh at himself. And he brought the laughs when discussing his past splits on the set of “Family Feud.”

During a segment called “Rolling with Steve Harvey,” the game show host comically explained what led him to divorce his first and second wives.

When it came to divorcing from Marcia Harvey, whom he married from 1980 to 1994, he said he was told by his pastor that the church doesn’t believe in divorce.

“I walked out that dude’s office. I said, ‘Man, you marry her ass,'” he recalled. “‘Church don’t believe in divorce. Well, how ’bout this? I ain’t a member here no more. How about that? I’m gon go somewhere where they believe in this here s— cuz I gotsa get the f— outta here.”

Moving on to how he split from Mary Lee Harvey, he said “that was the worst s— I ever did in my life.”

“I was actually married to Lucifer,” he says of his wife of 9 years from whom he split in 2005. “Lucifer. Satan. Yeah, I was married to him. Him was a her. … She was so evil, man. She was laying on my arm and I woke up in the morning and I was faced with a decision. Do I pull my arm and risk waking her up? Or do I just chew this son of a b—- off? Put blood all over them sheets. If my punk ass hadn’t started whimpering, I’d almost chewed through this mother f—er

“What is yo ass crying for?” he says, imitating Mary Lee.

“Aw, f— you,” he replies. “I was trying to eat my f—ing arm off to keep from waking yo  funky ass up!”

He noted that it didn’t go over well, resulting in 112 stitches after presumably getting his butt kicked by Mary Lee.

Presently, Harvey’s been enjoying 11 years of marriage to his current wife, Marjorie Harvey. The pair recently came back from a lavish summer vacation where they soaked up views in France and Italy.

And it’s a good thing that their union is going well. Harvey said the Lord told him if he gets another divorce “you going straight to hell.”

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