‘GUHH’ Star Pepa’s New Appearance Sparks Black-Lash from Fans

Social media slammed Pepa from the hip-hop trio Salt-N-Pepa for a “lack of melanin” in her most recent Instagram video.

The 51-year-old took to Instagram on Sunday and showcased her new blond tresses and glammed makeup. She wrote, “Hope everyone is feeling as great today as I am! #pepitup #peptalk #selflove #loveyourself #livingmylifelikeitsgolden.”


(photo credit: Pepa Instagram)

However, fans weren’t too impressed by Pepa’s “self love” video or the rapper’s appearance. They accused the star of trying to look like a “white woman” and spreading the message of “self hate.”

“Dame pepaaa you happy cause you are now White on the outside? SISTAR who hurt you?” an Instagram user asked.

“Wow self hate,” said one fan. “FOH with this. I love my melanin. #proudtobeablackgirl. #melaninpoppin.”

“U look white!? I knew you when you was Black… SaLT N Pepa???  Midlife crisis.”

“Who dis white woman? I’m sad that you turn into a white lady but as long as you’re happy.”

“Love you Pepa but what is going on ma?”

One fan wrote a lengthy comment saying, “She looked good before the fix …😥 I just wish we as a people would love ourselves totally. I’m not knocking her at all LOVE ME SOME PEP❤️. But, we as people have been bamboozled years ago by EUROCENTRIC standards of beauty to the point many of our own people discriminate against darkskin/brownskin family or people in general. #COLIRISM is live & well amongst our people it’s terrible and a self esteem killer for victims. I hope she leaves it at THAT ONLY! And, don’t Lil Kim on us.”

The “Growing Up Hip Hop” actress recently announced on social media that she and her group members from Salt-N-Pepa will be performing in Las Vegas for the “I Love the ’90s — The Vegas Show.” She wrote on Instagram, “Can’t wait to give you a great show at The Paris hotel! #pepitup #peptalk.”


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