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Egypt Criss Defends Mom Pepa After Fan Dissed Swimsuit Photo ‘Black Women Who Hate Themselves Do This’

Fans of Pepa have noticed the rapper is looking a little more curvaceous in recent Instagram photos and some are criticising her for appearing to go under the knife. However, her daughter didn’t stand for the negativity and promptly hit back to defend her 51-year-old mother.

When the MC posted a bikini-clad photo on Instagram Saturday, March 31, several fans were quick to point out that she plumped up her hips.

“Pep got some hip n—-,” someone remarked.

And an Instagram user named @ichloecakes especially had an issue with Pepa’s new assets, responding to several users who praised the rapper’s curves as “curvy n sexy” and “absolutely amazing.”

“@storyang fake curves….altered body..and NOT a good one,” she said to one user.

“@holyassassin01 Black women who hate themselves do this bulls— to thier bodies….u want real beauty…” she wrote to another.

And after Pepa’s daughter, “Growing Up Hip Hop” star Egypt Criss commented, “Look at my beautiful mother,” @ichloecakes didn’t back down.

“@egyptcriss98 u should’ve told your mom ‘thigh to butt ratio is off mom..tell the surgeon to fix it,” she wrote. “Her and Tiny must have the same wack ass surgeon.”

But Egypt didn’t sit back and take the criticism against her hit-making mother.

“@ichloecakes my mom loves her body so if she’s happy then I’m happy,” she said.

Still, the user wasn’t finished and replied, “but she didn’t love her body, that’s why she butchered it up by ADDING thighs. She was perfect before the botched surgeries 💞

“I wish Black women loved themselves more,” she added.

And while Pepa didn’t address the haters, she appreciated her daughter’s compliment saying, “Thank you my beautiful Daughter 😘😘😘.”

This isn’t the first time fans have taken notice of her changed body either. In December, Pepa posted a photo in a bedazzled bodysuit with the same prominent hips.

“Why are y’all lying to this woman? someone commented. “Omg, she looks like she has to knots on the side of her hips. They don’t match the size of her legs and I love pep but ppl stop playing and be honest with her.”

“Dang, she ruined her body. I’m sad for her,” another wrote.

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