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‘LHH’s Tammy Rivera Hits Back After Fans Criticize Daughter for Dressing ‘Too Grown’

“Love and Hip Hop” star Tammy Rivera was dragged by fans about her daughter Charlie Rivera’s clothes being too revealing. The reality star shared a photo on Wednesday of her and Charlie on Instagram for “National Daughters Day,” one day after the Sept. 25 official date. Charlie is seen wearing a crop top with a rainbow, cargo pants, and sneakers that also have rainbows. The caption to the photo said, “Happy national daughter day!!! @tammiesangel me and Charlie fit from @fashionnova. ”

Tammy Rivera

Fans quickly made it their duty to inform Tammy that the 13-year-old’s attire was unacceptable.

“Exactly …. theirs a age to be sexy and a age to be innocent . 13 you just wearing a bra . Why you have to show skin ? You’re a Baby 🍼”

“How old is she wearing a crop top. My mom would never…”

“I think Tammy is so sweet but I dont agree here my daughter is 22 and I still tell her to watch what she puts out here for these guys you never know what people are thinking when they are looking at your baby girl and I say that with love.”

Other fans commented on the teenager’s beauty.

“Mother & Daughter FUCKING GOALS! Ya’ll looking like yall sisstaaaa sisstaaaas ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 She is her mamas twin too 😍”

“Charlie growing up I hope you have your guns ready @charliesangelll”

Rivera responded to some of the fans and let them know how she feels about Charlie’s outfit.

Tammy Rivera

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