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Steve Harvey Firmly Puts Divorce Rumors to Bed With Romantic Video

Despite rumors of a $400 million divorce emerging last month, Steve Harvey’s newest Instagram post is firmly shutting down those reports.

The talk show host was reported to be threatened with a split from wife Marjorie Harvey, according to a story from Radar Online. But new footage from the Harvey family’s European vacation this summer shows the husband and wife are nothing but a happy duo in love.

Steve Harvey

Credit: Steve Harvey IG

“@marjorie_harvey and I…. Cool moments from the vacation with the Fam and don’t ask me nothing bout the music cause I don’t know but thanks to a great 25 yr old @mattwoodvisuals we got some great footage,” Harvey captioned the post.

The clip, which features the song “Reverie” by DJ Illenium feat. indie pop singer King Deco, shows off stunning views from the couple’s European excursion this summer, which took them to France and Italy.

“When the lights go out you still got me,” the lyrics say before the chorus goes, “You know my love can hold you down, you know my love can hold you down.” It’s clear that’s the case for the Harveys.

Interspersed within that footage are sweet moments between Marjorie and Steve, who also dove in for some adventurous moments with their children as they took in the sights of the Italian village of Positano. That included diving off a boat into the ocean and going underwater with a sea scooter.

Fans loved what they saw between the couple.

“So cute 😘😘 @iamsteveharveytv.”

“This is awesome!! Ain’t GOD amazing. If he did it for you he can do it for me! #goals.”

“@marjorie_harvey @iamsteveharveytv this is absolutely beautiful…..I have tears in my eyes💗.”

“Amazing vacation for you a Marjorie. Well deserved vacation. You are a hard little worker and give back too. You’re a child of God and a true angel 😊🙏😊🙏😊🙏🙏🙏.”

The moment caps off a series of other cases where both Steve and Marjorie shunned rumors that Kris Jenner was weaseling her way between the 11-year-long spouses.

“There was a huge blowout fight and Marjorie walked out threatening divorce,” the report claimed via a source in part. “There’s no way she was going to put up with Steve hanging around a man-eater like Kris — especially since he’s proven time and again he can’t be trusted.”

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