Ciara and Russell Wilson Make Visit to Young Cancer Patients and Fans Praise Their Efforts

Ciara and Russell Wilson have continued their commitment to giving back by spending some time with fans who are battling for their lives.

The superstar couple on Tuesday visited Seattle Children’s Hospital and posed with two fans undergoing treatment for cancer.

“Grateful for days like this. @DangeRussWilson and I got to meet 2 Rockstars yesterday! Madeline who has had cancer 4 times and is still fighting! She inspires me sooo much!” Ciara wrote on the Instagram post (swipe right to see both photos) Wednesday, Sept. 26. “Toby who loves sports and is from New Zealand! He’s going to do great things! Let’s all lift them up in prayer! ❤️ Together we are #StrongAgainstCancer.”

Her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Wilson, also shared the images on his IG page.

“Amazing time with Toby and Madeline today!! @ciara and I are praying for you! @seattlechildrens,” he captioned his post.

Fans quickly applauded the couple’s support for the ill kids.

“You 2 are truly awesome! 🤗”

“Amazing family. Family first. No one is promised tomorrow. Glad you are taking time out to visit those beautiful kids. Keep supporting each other. Showing Love is always a beautiful blessing.”

“They’re soldiers like you two are!”

“Always helping the the sick and helpless. The Wilsons are the best 🙏❤️”

“Love to see this!! Amazing. I Hope other People think the same way as you two. Pray for the Family. Help others the best you can. Respect. Keep going… ”


Ciara and Wilson have been making visits to Seattle Children’s for years. In 2016, one visit particularly struck the singer as she stopped by to see baby Wesley, who had terminal cancer.

“Wesley is 2 years old and he is at the end of his life … so pretty sad. Pretty tough for me being a mom, because I didn’t even know what to expect when I walked in there and angel baby,” she explained on a Facebook Live stream as she teared up and patted her eyes dry. “What’s really cool is that he was kind of like doing more than I guess that he had been doing and he just opened his eyes and they were saying he hadn’t opened his eyes for a while so that’s pretty sweet. We both said prayer. I said a prayer for him and we did handprints and stuff that was really sweet. So really, really tough time, very special time.”


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