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‘Hidden Colors’ Filmmaker Says Tamera Mowry’s Husband’s Old Tweets Serve as Proof of Racism

After Tamera Mowry defended her husband, Adam Housley, and vehemently denied he’s racist, media personality and filmmaker Tariq Nasheed tweeted a set of old tweets from Housley that Nasheed claims show how Housley has backed racist thinking.

“There are some people who think that my husband is racist because he worked for a certain channel,” said Mowry explained of her spouse, a former Fox News correspondent, on “The Real” on Sept. 18. “I’m gonna look in that camera right there and let everybody know my husband is not a racist!”

LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 01: Actress Tamera Mowry-Housley (L) and her Husband Adam Housley (R) attend the 2016 Daytime Emmy Awards at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel on May 1, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Housley himself also issued a lengthy denial but that didn’t quell Nasheed, who pulled out tweets disclosing where Housley stood on the aftermath of police brutality incidents.

“Tamera Mowry is out here “splainin’ for Her Husband Adam Housley, trying to deny accusations of him being racist,” Nasheed tweeted Sept. 19. “They are claiming he is being called racist because he used to be Fox News reporter. But its deeper than that. He has a history a spewing suspected racist rhetoric.

“A lot of suspected white supremacists will codify their racist views, so they will not appear to overtly racist. For example Housley has a history of being silent about state sanctioned anti Black violence, but he will focus his criticism on ‘Black people rioting and looting,’” he added, tweeting a reply Housley made.

tamera mowryNasheed also pointed out that among those who called protesters “rioters and looters” in the wake of the police killings of Mike Brown and Freddie Gray, Housley was one of them.

tamera mowry

“Not only did Adam Housley deny that George Zimmerman’s attack on Trayvon Martin was racial (which we now know Zimmerman is a blatant anti Black racist), Housley implied that the REAL racist were the Black ppl who opposed Zimmerman in the aftermath, for ‘personal gain,'” Nasheed added in another post accompanied by more Housley tweets.

tamera mowry

Nasheed also claimed Housley was a “big Zimmerman defender,” and shared the following tweet as proof.

tamera mowry

And in Nasheed’s final tweet in the thread, he said Housley was pushing “that white genocide in South Africa propaganda.” The filmmaker said Housley’s mention of Nelson Mandela is telling.

“Notice how he keeps mentioning Mandela? Unfortunately, Mandela allowed the white supremacists in SA to maintain all of the land and resources while the Black masses there were made to suffer in silence,” Nasheed tweeted, an assertion that is at least in part backed up by media outlets like the Washington Post.

tamera mowry

tamera mowry

Several of Nasheed’s followers backed up the posts.

“Preach! It’s time we start ‘decoding’ and exposing Racism both overt and covert!”

“Can’t dispute the facts.”

Others, however, questioned it.

“This just in: reporting on the things that Tariq Nasheed doesn’t prioritize is now racist.”

“To him a house plant is racist.”

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