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Tamera Mowry Says Husband ‘Is Not a Racist,’ Fans Chime In

Tamera Mowry is blasting claims that her husband Adam Housley is racist.

The actress did so on her talk show “The Real” Tuesday, Sept. 18, amid continued accusations against her spouse, who worked for 17 years as a correspondent for Fox News.

“There are some people who think that my husband is racist because he worked for a certain channel,” said Mowry, whose mother is Black and father is white. “I’m gonna look in that camera right there and let everybody know my husband is not a racist!”

YouTube commenters who viewed the program, however, disagreed with Mowry’s assessment of her spouse.

“Girl BYE! Tam, your husband is racist. Especially his views on July 4 was very questionable.”

“Tamera, honey, sweet little angel, God’s beautiful creation.. I hate to break it to you sweet pea but Your husband is a low key racist. You shaking your head like a bobble head is not going to change the fact that Adam is a racist. Don’t @ me, I said what I said and I meant it!”

“And yes you can be racist and be with someone of color…”

“I’m sorry but if you CHOOSE to work for Fox News, a channel that is known for being very racist, it must mean you agree with some of their views and their corporate culture. Maybe he is not a full out racist like some of the cohosts on that channel but he must agree with some of their views to be working and to be friends with them. 🤷🏿‍♀️”

Housely, who according to Politico left his position at the conservative news network in August to spend more time with his family, has battled this claim himself recently.

In August, he retweeted a Twitter user who said, “Being married to a person of another race doesn’t automatically make you not racist. (Example: Adam Housley & Tamera Mowry).”

“And the winner of the new idiot of the day goes to….drumroll….this clown #enjoyyoirsadlife,” he added in the retweet.

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