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Black Love: ‘Night School’ Producer Will Packer Celebrates Wife for Keeping His Life Together

Filmmaker Will Packer knows that his wife deserves all the credit for how he’s able to keep working at the pace he does.

The producer of the Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish comedy “Night School” has created a ton of hit films in the last few years, including “Think Like A Man,” “Ride Along,” and last year’s blockbuster comedy “Girls Trip.” So when he told Atlanta Black Star how he manages to keep going, he said it’s all because of his wife.

“I’m crazy running around, traveling around the world making movies and I got a rock that I can always come home to,” Packer says of his better half, Heather Haylett, at the Sept. 10 screening of “Night School” in Atlanta. “So if it wasn’t for this one, my success would not mean nearly as much and thus I would not be as successful. So I owe everything to this woman right here.”

As for how Packer and Hayslett maintain a happy union, she told ABS about some advice they got from a married couple years ago.

“If you always think about doing what makes the other person happy, you’ll have a great thing and everyone will be happy,” Hayslett shares. “So I’m always thinking about things that make him happy, he’s always thinking about things that would make me happy and it keeps smiles on both of our faces.”

Following a proposal in front 40,000 Essence fest attendees in 2013, Packer and Hayslett wed in a surprise ceremony in 2015. The nuptials, which were held in the backyard of their Atlanta-area home, saw them surrounded by 50 of their friends and incorporated the pair’s blended family according to Essence. After two years of wedded bliss, Packer explained to the magazine that their marriage is all about what works for them.

“It’s not what some people think a traditional marriage looks like, but I think you have to define it for yourself,” he said in February. “And the fact that we’re friends first … We’ve fought like friends, we talk trash … I mean, we go there. But it’s so fun.”

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