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Fans Notice Tiny’s ‘Glowing’ While T.I. Grins in New Video

Tiny Harris is looking more radiant than ever in recent photos, and fans are taking notice.

The mother of four recently changed her blond hair back to brown, with the exception of a few highlights. She’s also been sporting a more glammed makeup look than usual.

As Tiny prepared for an upcoming performance with her group “Xscape”, her husband T.I. Harris was in the background supporting his wife. The ’90s group took to Instagram on Sunday and posted a video of Tiny getting her hair and makeup done. The person who recorded Tiny says in the background, “Girl, she looks f**king good, yeah she do.”

As the singer flossed her tresses paired with glammed smokey eye, T.I. stands in the background with a smirk on his face and jokingly says to the camera, “Stop, ya’ll.” To which Tiny replied, “He’s such a hater.”

Fans chimed in under “Xscape”‘s video of Tiny and said she’s been “looking fabulous lately and T.I. knows it!”

“Look at him with that side eye knowing she look great! He is hilarious get it Tiny!” exclaimed one fan.

A second person added, “Tiny been having a nice lil glow as of lately! Love it!”

“Tell Mr. Harris to stop hating he know he loving that look lol he just don’t want everyone looking at his Queen! Yass boo love that look now I need to go get me some to make my ponytail that long!”

“He grinning ear to ear… He can’t hide it!”

One fan commented, “Too cute Mrs. you got your hubby blushing your so pretty. Do it Tiny keep your hubby smiling girl. Glad to see my family happy!”

Tiny and T.I. seemed to be on good terms lately in their relationship. The two were recently seen together at the One Musicfest in Atlanta after T.I. brought his wife and kids onstage during his performance.

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