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Beyoncé’s Former Drummer Accuses Superstar of ‘Extreme Witchcraft’ and Gets Restraining Order Against Her

A woman who used to play drums for Beyoncé is leveling some bizarre claims against the singer — including “extreme witchcraft” — and the temporary restraining order she hoped to get against the singer has been denied.

Documents obtained by The Blast Thursday, Sept. 20 detail the filing made by Kimberly Thompson, who said she was a drummer in Bey’s band for seven years. Among her claims, Thompson, alleges the “ApeS–t” performer has launched a crusade of harassment against her. In the attack, Thompson claims Bey has used “extreme witchcraft, dark magic” as well as “magic spells of sexual molestation.” Other claims include casting “magic spells on my lovers” and causing “the murder of my pet kitten.”


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The drummer also claims Bey has tapped her phones and is controlling her finances. It hasn’t been determined why Thompson, who joined Bey’s previous all-female band during the promotion of her 2006 album, “BDay,” believes the star is the mastermind behind her woes.

There’s little information on Thompson online. But she once was part of the house band on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” The 8G Band. She’s also released solo music outside of band performances through her production company and steadily uploaded videos of her performances on her YouTube channel up until May. The Blast also obtained a video Thompson recently uploaded where she appeared unkempt and rambling while discussing how “the world is mean” and saying she’s “consistent.”

“If I love you, I love you forever,” she said. “And If I don’t, I don’t. Forever.”

In response to Thompson’s claims that Bey practiced witchcraft on her, those online have been sounding off with various reactions.

“I believe it, straight up.”

“We stan the almighty Mistress of Magic!!! Those Creole roots sprang about the most iconic artist to date. We really have decided to stan FOREVER!!!”

“‘Hocus Pocus’ starring Beyonce

“I’d like to know what meds this lady takes.”

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