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Kevin Hart Completely Unleashes on Katt Williams: ‘Take Responsibility For Your Actions!’

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to promote their new movie “Night School,” and Hart tore into Katt Williams.

Last week, Williams spoke negatively about Haddish’s career and stand-up comedy skills during an interview, which caused a lot of chatter.

“My frustrations with Katt Williams come from you keep pointing to Hollywood,” said Hart. “Hollywood this, the white man. This, this and this. When do you take responsibility for your actions? You had the shot. You were the guy. You were set up to be the star. You didn’t show up to work. You f—–d off promo shoots. You f—–d off your promo trips that they had set up for you. You became a risk to the studios, which is why the studios stopped f—— with you.”

Afterwards, Charlamagne asked why Williams was such a risk in the first place.

“He chose drugs,” Hart answered. “Take responsibility for what you chose and say, ‘You know what, I gotta fix me, and Im’a come back and stand up for comedy.’ … So when you say Tiffany Haddish doesn’t deserve or isn’t really a comedian and these other women have worked hard, which they have. Shoutouts to Melanie Comarcho, shoutouts to Leslie Jones, Luenell, who are all under the umbrella of Katt Williams. Katt Williams, have you ever used your platform to f—— bring the people under you up? You haven’t.”

Hart then said that Williams is just a bitter person who isn’t happy with himself.

“Don’t sh– on my sister just because you not happy with your sh–,” he stated. “This sh– is earned, it’s not given.”

Tiffany talked about Williams’ comments as well, and she said they confused her. She also said the comedian had his facts wrong, and it’s evident that he hasn’t been paying attention to her career.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hart spoke about Michael Blackson, as well as Mike Epps, and explained he’s now OK with them now. This was after Blackson poked fun at Hart for cheating on his wife Eniko, and Epps often said that Hart isn’t funny or deserving of his success.

You can watch Hart talk about Williams and the other comics below.

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