Keke Palmer’s Massive New Tattoo Has Fans Wondering About Its Impact on Her Acting Career

Keke Palmer just got some expensive new ink she showed off to fans. And while most love it, some are wondering whether the ink means she’s not interested in her acting career. So the star provided an answer for them.

“Eight hours of pure pain. The first 5/6hrs I was completely fineeee. Handling the pain perfectly well … then IT BECAME WAYYY TO REPETITIVE,” the actress explained on Instagram Thursday after debuting the ink. “Going over the same spots repeatedly lmao omg. Lining, shading, coloring 😩 and I refused to break it into two sessions 😭. Thank you @vivitattoos5, I love it. A wonderful memento from my time in Budapest and an awesome addition to what was once just one lone sunflower and butterfly ❤️🙌🏾🙏🏾”

keke palmer


Many fans complimented the floral body art.

“this is a really well done tattoo and looks great on you!! nice job gettin through that.”

“It’s beautiful as it should be ❤️”


“Keke this is so beautiful I swear. I want one just like this now.😍😍😍🔥🔥”

But a few wondered about why an actress would get something so huge.

“Is this going to adversely impact your acting career and being able to be cast for specific roles”

“WTF NOOOOOOOOO not for the profession you’re in.”

“You just don’t care about your acting career huh?”

In response to the last remark, Palmer made things clear.

“@_shadymusiclite I’m sorry did I miss something lol u can act and have a zillion tattoos miss. U are misinformed lol.”

Keke Palmer

And several other fans chimed in to correct @_shadymusiclite.

“@_shadymusiclite She can easily cover it up with clothing if need be.”

“@_shadymusiclite Omg are you slow? It’s called makeup something a person can use to cover up certain things with. Also something that half of the Actor’s and Actress’s you watch on tv(or Netflix) have tattoos and its covered up by makeup done by a professional gain some common sense please.”

“@_shadymusiclite but she was in Budapest filming… as in acting 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄.”

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