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K. Michelle and Teairra Mari Go Toe to Toe Over Mari’s Sex Tape Scandal, Escalate to Full-Scale Social Media War

War has been declared between “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” castmates K. Michelle and Teairra Mari.

The two reality stars exchanged volatile words on social media over Mari’s pending revenge porn case. In an upcoming episode of “LHHH,” singer K. Michelle compared Mari’s sex scandal to that of “LHHATL” co-star Mimi Faust, who confessed to leaking her own sex tape.

K. Michelle

(photo credit: L; K. Michelle and R; Teairra Mari/ Instagram)

K. Michelle’s insinuation that Mari released her sex tape herself infuriated the “Stay In Ya Lane” singer. Mari took to Instagram Live on Thursday and called “Kimberly” out on her comments.

“B**ch Mimi got a coin. Why the f**k would I do it and not get a coin?” Mari said on Instagram Live. “So K. Michelle, you can suck my d**k too, b**ch!”

The feud only heated more between the two R&B singers as they continued to exchange Instagram screenshots of their verbal altercation.

In one pair of screenshots, K. Michelle took a jab at Mari and wrote, “Hmmm. You know what I was just thinking? I always thought [Rihanna] was wayyy better.”

K Michelle

The “Crazy Like You” singer wasn’t finished popping off on Mari and continued spewing insults. “Someone please help her. She didn’t have no daddy around when she was growing up. Those drugs is serious. Sextape and lies. I’M NOT A FIGHTER I’M A LOVER. I come in peace!”

The verbal combat between the two continued for hours and ended with Mari calling K. Michelle a “Keyshia Coleslaw ass off beat Mary J B-tch” and threatening to punch the mother of one in her face.

Fans had mixed reactions over Mari and K. Michelle’s beef and told them to keep their issues “behind closed doors.”

“I’m so sick of the same thing. Females arguing with females, disrespecting one another black females at that. 🙄 I’m over it. Same story different people.”

“Wow k is so low!!!! No wonder her career stayed mediocre and she can’t seem to find true happiness because she’s such a bitter person.”

“Teairra is really a sad case and she always stuttering 🙄.”

“Teairra go sit down.”

“I’m sick of K.Michelle.”

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