Tommie Lee Posts Video Rapping, Fans Compare Her Style to Joseline Hernandez’s

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” actress Tommie Lee showcased her musical talents on Instagram and social media compared her to archnemesis Joseline Hernandez.

The 34-year-old took her talents to social media on Tuesday and showed fans her rapping skills. She uploaded a video of her studio session and played a new song she recently recorded. Lee began rhyming, “Who mine? Gotta get it regardless if a n*gga cosign.”

The reality star captioned her studio recording, “Cause all those pretty little pictures they take in the studio at where I’m at wit it!”

Tommie Lee

(photo credit: L; Tommie Lee and R; Joseline/Instagram)

Fans of Lee told her to “go off” and praised her for “dope” lyricism. One fan compared Lee to former “LHHATL” cast-mate Joseline Hernandez and commented, “This video giving me Joseline in that studio video vibes.”

Lee’s comment section quickly spun out of control as fans debated about whether Lee was a better artist than Hernandez.

“Joseline is not f***ing with Tommie,” one fan wrote.

“Correction Tommie is not f***ing with Joseline Periodt!” another exclaimed.

“Tell me why I thought sisi was making a parody of the Joseline video.”

“Lies you typing, you can’t be dolled up all the time in the studio, she woke up and had lyrics on her minds and she took to the studio. As far as Joseline comparison that s**t is null and void (Hoseleen) can’t rap and was doped out her mind.”

One of Lee’s fans added, “Joseline is fake asf who fakes a marriage she talk all that tough mess but was scared of Tommie called the police on her and everything. Tommie and Joseline two different breeds.”

Lee became rivals with Hernandez after she accused the “Puerto Rican Princess” of getting her arrested. Lee claimed that Hernandez told the police that she made “terroristic threats” against Hernandez. Authorities took out a warrant against Lee and the star was booked in handcuffs.

The 34-year-old was recently sentenced to two days in jail for a prior DUI case. She’ll be serving her time in the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta.

Tommie Lee

(photo credit: L; Tommie Lee and R; Joseline/Instagram)


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