Princess Love Posts Comparison Photos But Still Can’t Persuade Fans Baby Melody Looks Like Her Instead of Ray J’s Mom

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Princess Love shared a side-by-side photo of herself as a baby and her daughter Melody Love after fans continued to say the 4-month-old resembles Princess’ mother-in-law.

Social media won’t let up on comments about how much baby Melody looks like her grandmother Sonja Norwood, but Princess tried putting the lookalike opinions to rest with her recent side-by-side photo. The star took to Instagram on Sept 9. and uploaded the picture of herself and her daughter. She captioned the image, “👀 Mommy n Melsy!”

Princess Love

(photo credit: L; Princess’ Love/ R; Baby Melody Instagram)

Fans were stunned by baby Mel’s resemblance to Princess, while other Instagram users said the 4-month-old still looked like Sonja.

One fan wrote, “Well, am sorry Sonya was your mother too then 😂😂😂. It don’t matter which one of y’all Melsy look like she just so beautiful.”

“But she’s def your twin now that I see this pic,” another fan wrote.

“You always wanna persuade us that she looks like you. She looks just like your mother in law.”

“She looks like rays Mom more but she does favor princess as well.”

“She looks exactly like you. Have no idea why people think she looks like Sonja.”

One fan commented, “The baby look like both side of the family. I don’t think it should be a problem is the baby resembles Ms. Sonia, facts is Ms. Sonia is pretty and birth Raj J, so it’s all in the traits.”

Princess’ husband Ray J. Norwood posted an adorable picture of himself and baby Melody, and fans had the hardest time of trying to figure out who the infant resembled most.

“She looks like a perfect mixture of Princess and Ray mom.”

“She’s Soo BEAUTIFUL nah she looks like her granma.”

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