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Gizelle Bryant’s Ex-Husband Jamal Bryant Explains His Enlightened Stance on Co-Parenting, but Fans only Want to Discuss His Cheating

Gizelle Bryant’s ex-husband is disclosing how the former spouses co-parent with one another, but fans are not here for what he has to say.

On “Sister Circle” Wednesday, Sept. 19, Jamal Bryant shared how he and “The Real Housewives of Potomac” star care for their three daughters as former spouses.

“We’re still family,” Jamal tells the hosts. “So having to navigate that is not any space for the children to play one against another. Because all of our children are now in middle school. We talk twice a day before the kids go to school and before they go to bed, so there’s no way that we can navigate around not being in contact.

“Because we have all girls, I’m intentional that the girls are able to see how I treat their mom,” he continues. “So, while we are divorced, I still have to date her in front of them so they know how mom is supposed to be treated. It is not just what they ought to trust when they grow up but whatever man comes into Gizelle’s life, has to reach the standard of how their father treats her.”

The pastor and the RHOP star were married for about eight years and divorced in 2009. Gizelle has opened up about how her ex-husband’s infidelity led her to file the papers. Fans who were privy to that information lashed out at him as a result.

“Okay…their mother says you cheated multiple times. They won’t forget that.”

“This sound like straight game and he feeding off they energy! Man bye!”

“How about you not cheat in the first place!!!”

“He is so fake..he should have thought of this before.”

“Didn’t he cheat on his ex-wife several times? I get the co-parent thing but if he did right by her during the marriage he could actually be at home all the time to show their daughters how a man is supposed to treat them.”

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