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Jennifer Williams Dishes On Amsterdam Fight, Slams Malaysia Pargo: ‘She Looks Like a Linebacker’

Jennifer Williams has avoided commenting on much of the drama that unfolded in the latter half of “Basketball Wives” this season — including that infamous table throwing incident with Malaysia Pargo.

However, that changed Tuesday when Williams said her piece on “The Breakfast Club.”

Williams explained that she didn’t want to go to Amsterdam but the show had it play out as if she surprised everyone with her arrival. Once there, she refused to own up to statements she made about Evelyn Lozada’s parenting and her daughter, Shaniece, which Pargo and Shaunie O’Neal maintained she made.

According to Pargo, Williams said Shaniece, was doing “the grown up … having sex with anybody around Miami” since “forever.” O’Neal also charged that Williams said Lozada wasn’t a good mother.

“We were arguing and the s— came out of nowhere,” Williams recalls of the viral moment between her and Pargo. “I’m thinking to myself, ‘Um, this b—- looks like a linebacker’ and I’m tryna figure out like, am I gonna have to fight this big b—-? This is crazy …You’re trying to show your son certain things [about police brutality] … but yet and still you go and throw a table?”

Williams said she didn’t get a direct apology from Pargo for the table tossing, but noted she wasn’t hurt in the incident. However, not everyone was left unscathed.

“He was all bloody,” she said of a security guard.

In response to the revelations, fans began chiming in.

“Jen has to take responsibility. That’s why ppl don’t like her. She said she thought the show was gonna be positive this season but she came back starting rumors and s—. Lol make up your mind.”

“Jen is speaking nothing but facts 💯💅🏽”

“If Jenn says’…to be honest with you- One more time, cause you aint been ‘honest’ on that Show or this one- to be honest!😁 lol”

“I love Jennifer idc idc idc I pray she’s happy and wish her all the best❤”

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