Kevin Hart Has Nothing But Praise for ‘Night School’ Co-Star Tiffany Haddish, Talks Second Chances

Kevin Hart is giving praise to Tiffany Haddish and sharing what lessons he instills in his son ahead of the debut of his new movie.

The comedian spoke to Atlanta Black Star Monday, Sept. 10 at a screening of “Night School.” There, he had nothing but great things to say about the comedian, who was recently dissed by Katt Williams.

“I think the best thing about Tiffany is seeing her rise,” Hart said. “Also, remembering when I was in that same place and how excited I was when all the opportunities kept coming. Watching the same thing happen for her and even bigger is so dope to see. She’s enjoying it, she’s humbled by it. She’s appreciative of the moments.”

Hart didn’t just chat about his career and the film, which he described as a “smart comedy about second chances.” He also spoke about his family and what lessons he wants to share with his son about second chances.

“As a man, you are an example good and bad,” he says. “What you do in life, you have to understand that your child is going to see. And if your child can see it, they’re going to question you about it.

“The one thing I’ve told my son … is, if you make your bed, you have to lay in it,” Hart continues. “If you never wanna lay in a bad bed, try to always make it with good intentions. We also don’t start things and not finish them. We do things to complete them. And we always put 100 percent into it. … When you implement that at a young age, your kids actually take it in. It’s something that’s embedded in them.”

Going along with the education theme of his new movie, which sees adults taking night courses in order to obtain their GED, Hart has been contributing to higher learning as of late.

Just days ago, he announced Thursday, Sept. 13 he’d be running in the Chicago Marathon to help raise awareness and funds to send more kids to college.

Hart said in the Instagram video that he wants to increase the number of kids he can help attend university. Last month, he teamed with the United Negro College Fund and Knowledge Is Power Program to send 18 students — including three from Xavier University of Louisiana — to school. It’s a $600,000 scholarship program will help KIPP students from eight cities who are attending historically Black colleges and universities, the Associated Press reported.

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