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Fans Give T.I. Advice on Protecting His Beautiful Daughters Zonnique Pullins and Deyjah Harris

T.I flaunted his beautiful girls, stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins and biological daughter Deyjah Harris, and fans deluged the girls with compliments on their beauty. The rapper shared the photo of the girls together on his Instagram Wednesday with the caption “🗣My Endless Loves!!!🎶.”

Zonnique Pullins and Deyjah Harris

Fans showered the young socialites with love.

“Beautiful Young Ladies! #getdastrap”

“@troubleman31 very beautiful young ladies. Great job!”

“Beautiful young ladies you have there.”

Other fans commented on T.I protecting his girls against possible threats.

“know he got hell of sticks ain’t nobody walking up on them queens 💯#Fathers #WeDontPlay”

“Know you gone need endless guns too cuz they some beauties 😍😍😍 heiress included”

“@troubleman31 I know u cant but u got to get u a shot gun bruh lil ma gone be trouble.”

Although fans suggest that T.I should protect them, Deyjah seems very capable of taking up for herself. Fans tried to attack her for wearing clothing that is too tight for her age. Comments under the 17-year-old’s picture included lines like “What attention you looking for…16-17 this not cute what you going to look like at 25?? Hmm get yo likes girl cuz lord know that all we see you doing thottin on the gram.”

Another fan commented, “CAN YOU FUCKING BREATHE 😭😭💀.”

But the teenager quickly clapped back and said, “LMFAOAOAOAOA sweetie..God bless your little heart and soul. im not sure whats goin on at home that would make you want to put down another girl online but i’m here if you wanna talk! always remember your beautiful baby.”

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