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‘LHHH’ Fans Are Completely Fed Up with Lyrica Anderson’s and Safaree’s ‘Tired’ Storyline

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” viewers seemed to be over Lyrica Anderson and Safaree Samuels‘ alleged sexual affair after the airing of Monday night’s episode.

Ray J. told A1 Bentley that Samuels admitted to sleeping with Anderson, but Bentley said the rumors about his wife were false. The music producer confronted Samuels about sleeping with Anderson, and the two nearly exchanged blows.

Fans later tweeted about episode 8 of “LHHH” and said they were tired of Anderson and Samuels’ storyline being dragged out during season 5. They also said both castmates keep avoiding the “truth” on whether or not they slept together. Other blasted Mona Scott for keeping the ongoing narrative for ratings.

“This Lyrica and Safaree rumor is running too long. Like is it a yes or no sis? #LHHH,” a Twitter user said.

Another viewer wrote, “This Lyrica safaree storyline is just dragging now.”

“We still talking bout this Lyrica and Safaree mess?? 😑 Them folks didn’t smash. They just tryna keep a storyline going.”

“I don’t believe Lyrica smashed Safaree.. They just dragging this shit for a storyline.. That’s why Safaree won’t give a straight answer. They are messing with us for a storyline.”

“So safaree and lyrica .Did they do it or not ? I am sick of this storyline.”

One fan added, “Mona, girrrrrl nobody believes that Safaree smashed Lyrica. Let’s stop this storyline already.”

Anderson recently slammed “LHHH” producers for fake edits and said she will not be coming back to the show for season 6.

“I hate when ppl play wit me. I will Black out on a b*tch!!! This how so f*ckingggggg disrespectful!!! N these fake a** edits!! I def do nottttt see me coming back to this show,” the “Adia” singer said on Instagram Live. “Everyone lies n plays u for a storyline even the workers!!! That’s why I’m blacked out this season!! So much bullsh*t that’s not shown how really goes down n I’m tired of the disrespect! Of course my 1st time experiencing this with the franchise but I’m done now that I’m aware.”

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