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Kandi Burruss Applauded for Keeping Her Kids Grounded As Riley Teaches Baby Brother Some Responsibility

Kandi Burruss showed off her great parenting by sharing a video of her son Ace Tucker and daughter Riley Burruss doing some chores. Burruss shared a short clip on her Instagram last week of Riley showing Ace how to clean her expensive whip, the customized Porsche Cayenne that her mom bought her.

Fans commented on the post by admiring Riley and Ace’s sibling relationship.

“She looks like an awesome big sister!!!!”

“Go big sis @rileyburruss 🌟teach @acewellstucker. Lil cute self #freechildlabor 😂”

Riley Burruss

More fans made comments about their family, “Great job!!! Riley. Taking good care of you l il brother. Whole mom is getting those bags.. Great job !!!!!!Riley”

“Keeping those kids grounded😍”

One fan had to defend Riley against the haters.

“Everyone was speaking up on how she got a Porsche. Bet they won’t be speaking up on how she washes it herself and is teaching her lil bro responsibility at the same damn time!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽”

Kandi bought her 16-year-old daughter the German SUV for her birthday, and the gesture got some naysayers who thought the car is too much for her age. One fan said, “It’ll be wrecked in no time and mommy is just going to go out and get another one only for that one to get wrecked in no time too and the cycle will continue… Smdh!”

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