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Fans Poke Fun At Rasheeda Frost For ‘Pretending to Work’

Rasheeda Frost attempted to show her boss lady side was met with laughter and teasing from her fans. Frost shared a video on Friday on Instagram showing her fixing clothes in her Atlanta based boutique Pressed ATL. The caption read, “Always workin swing by Pressed open till 9pm😘.”

Fans quickly entered the comment section with jokes about the video not depicting Frost doing any actual work.

Rasheeda Frost

One fan wrote, “When your boss come around so you gotta pretend you doing work 😫.”

More fans said, “Girl you is not working because it clearly them jackets and pants on them hangers is out of order”

“Sis is not working I️ definitely seen a shirt in between two pants and she just pushed it back you look cute though 😂”

Some fans commented about being distracted by the person recording the video, “Easy on the gum camera lady 😂😂😂”

“I can’t even focus on the video….. who is smacking that gum like that?!? 😩”

“😩😩 who chewing that gum like that 😂😂”

But some of Frost’s followers had to swoop in and silence the haters.

“She smoothing the clothes down and making sure everything in place etc..checking sizes and maybe counting inventory duhhhh. Have y’all worked in clothing stores before??”

“She the boss..She don’t have to work”

Although the haters came in her comments with the jokes, Frost is used to ignoring naysayers. Since she made up with her husband Kirk Frost after his infidelity that led to a love child, fans have been ruthless with the name calling. One fan said, “Dummy once a dummy always a dummy.” But this doesn’t stop the boutique owner from continuing to share photos and videos which her real fans love.

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