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Wendy Williams Shades Kenya Moore’s Baby Special

Kenya Moore is reportedly not returning to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” but the star is readying a TV comeback of her own. And while fans are excited about the project, Wendy Williams is not.

On “The Wendy Williams Show” Tuesday, Sept. 11, Williams explained about the tease Moore posted on her Instagram account over the weekend where she was filming with a crib in the background.

Moore wouldn’t give details on what exactly she’s working on but rumors say she’s shooting a baby/pregnancy special for E!

“I don’t care about Kenya if she’s not on housewives… I don’t care about Kenya and the baby and her alleged husband,” Williams says. “I don’t care. Kenya’s entertaining when she comes and stirs the pot and has slick lines for other women and slick lines back. We don’t know her husband, not trying to get to know her husband. We don’t know the baby. If you’re pregnant, leave the baby out of it.”

Moore’s fans, however, were not on board with Williams’ stance.

“Wendy is da shadiest she always got something negative to say about Kenya smh whew chile.”

“She is as messy as her audience. Making no sense saying she doesn’t care about someone’s husband or child when in fact you do if not why are you even mentioning it? She’s too negative for my liking 🤦🏽‍♀️”

“Wendy she’s such a hater of Kenya just can’t deal with her honestly!!!! 😒”

However, other commenters backed up the talk show hosts’ remarks.

“I agree with her…except for her comment about Kim. Hell no.”

“U go Wendy. @wendywilliams. I’m telling u she has a surrogate. Why Kenya is keeping this a secret is beyond me. I guess it’s not such a big storyline to sell to the networks. Wow. Using ur baby like that.”

“Agree! Boring spin off…she’s only entertaining when she’s stirring the pot.”

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