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Fans Lash Out at Shaunie O’Neal Over ‘Basketball Wives’ Drama, She Promptly Corrects Them

The season finale of “Basketball Wives” had fans riled up over a secret that Shaunie O’Neal kept for over a year. When O’Neal addressed Jennifer Williams’ lying about some disparaging remarks she made about Evelyn Lozada’s daughter, fans had a bone to pick. Many took issue with O’Neal for keeping Williams’ diss to herself when she got angry at Tami Roman for keeping a secret of her own earlier in the season. At the time, Roman revealed she’d been holding on to the rumor that Lozada slept with O’Neal’s ex for over a year.

So it was O’Neal’s apparent hypocrisy that led fans to lash out at the BBW executive producer.

“Really Shaunie years ago!! I don’t give a f—! what noooooooo! body wanna say I respect! Brandi ’cause she’s the only one that tell Shaunie about her hypocrite ass self. Years Shaunie has been carrying news back and forth to these ladies and set more fire and they know and don’t say anything because she’s one of the producers on the show..when Evelyn say anything about Tami she laugh and go back and tell Tami and when Tami say stuff about eve she act like that’s not nice Tami don’t say that and then go tell eve, she is such a news carrier.”

“@undeniably_passionate I said the same that’s why I stopped watching 👎🏽”

O’Neal herself later chimed in.

“@kyshakerr @dream_ofjeane she did, I was there remember. So you do realize we are filming a show with each other correct?” she replied. “As well as you realize you don’t get to see the entire hour-long conversations? You also do realize that while shooting the show we continue to talk about things that are going on amongst our group for the sake of you as an audience to understand. That’s kinda how it works in a nutshell love. Oh yeah, there’s so many things that you don’t see or hear but I’m sure you’re smart enough to know that right?”

Shaunie O'Neal

When asked if she and Tami were still friends despite the rumor, O’Neal answered in the affirmative.

Shaunie O'Neal

Shaunie O'Neal

And when another fan seemed to question why O’Neal held out on sharing Williams’ diss until her co-star was accused of lying, O’Neal doubled down.

“@beautifully.melonie never would’ve told her if the issue of lying didn’t come up… for what? They were mad at each other said shit, what purpose would it have served to run and tell her? They weren’t friends, weren’t around each other. No point!”

Shaunie O'Neal

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