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Charlamagne Tha God Takes Cardi B’s Side in Beef with Nicki Minaj, Fans Call His ‘Consequences’ Standard Inconsistent

Charlamagne Tha God recently weighed in on the drama between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B that resulted in the two women duking it out at Harper’s Bazaar’s ICONS party over the weekend.

The radio host sided with Cardi when it came to the incident that left Minaj unharmed and the “I Like It” rapper with a lump on her head after she tried and failed to talk to her foe about some issues she had.

“As I don’t like seeing us fight like that, I do like seeing people get pressed if they deserve to be pressed,” Charlamagne said on “The Breakfast Club” Monday. “Because I’m tired of people just running they mouth on social media, people running they mouth on radio and podcasts and there’s no repercussions, there’s no consequences to those words.”

Twitter user Alyssa Lashay expressed disappointment in Charla’s position.

“I’m so disappointed in @cthagod defending cardi b rachet ass behavior. Freedom [of] speech. I can say whatever I want legally but when u try to get physical over words u in the wrong. Couldn’t be me I carry. Ill been then shot someone cause they tried to fight me over words.”

“That’s this eras problem,” Charlamagne replied, remaining firm in his position. “Social media gives y’all the freedom to say whatever you want and never have to deal with the consequences of your words but that’s not how real life works.”

Charlamagne Tha God

Fans wasted no time offering up their own takes on Charla’s tweet.

“But weren’t you just against Nicki ‘threatening’ Self over his words? Now you’re defending violence now that it’s directed at Nicki? Wow,” one fan said referencing Minaj hitting back at DJ Self for saying Cardi’s record was better than hers.

“This!!!! The things ppl say on SM is outrageous and wouldn’t be said to someone face,” another remarked. “Ppl have a delusion that they don’t have to answer to their foolishness.”

“Why haven’t you taken responsibility over your ACTIONS in raping that poor girl? are you only about facing consequences when it’s convenient to you?”

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