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Azealia Banks Rekindles Beef With K. Michelle By Sending New Shot

With all of the spats Azealia Banks has, it might be hard to remember that she got into it with K. Michelle a few years ago. It was over a tour they were scheduled to do, and both dissed each other on social media.

That was back in 2015, but Banks has now rekindled the beef and sent a brand new shot at the singer.

Azealia Banks Disses K. Michelle


“Finally realizing the reason K. Michelle cancelled our tour, is because her ass was rotting,” wrote Banks. “Or maybe I made her ass rot for canceling the tour. Hmm.”

When Michelle first cancelled the tour, she quickly shut down any talk of having a beef with the Harlem rapper. She even sent a message to her fans and said the tour would be postponed, and everything seemed positive.

Banks told the same thing to her fans and had nothing negative to say about the R&B singer either. That was until something went awry and Michelle sent a shot.

“Poor lizard. Need them coins,” wrote Michelle.

“You sought me out,” Banks replied. “I never had any interest in working with you or meeting you, honey child. Keep crying on cue and getting them ass shots out the hotel room … And you wonder why you don’t have a man. Not with that big old nasty dumpy fake butt, looking like you sh-tted in a pamper.”

After Banks’ latest diss, a few people left comments and called her a hypocrite. That’s because the rapper admitted she cried on “Wild ‘N Out” when she got teased, which is something Nick Cannon recently discussed.

“It think it’s funny how it’s okay for her to talk sh– about everyone else, but when she went on ‘Wild ‘N Out’ she cried, ‘cause she didn’t like the sh– they said about her,” one person wrote.

“Cry baby, shut up,” another person commented. “[You’re a] cyberbully but punk in real life.”

Michelle hasn’t responded to Banks yet.

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