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Princess Love’s Baby Melody Has Fans in the Comments Adoring Her

Little Melody Norwood has acquired a bit of a fan base on Instagram, and she’s only 4 months old. Her mommy Princess Love shared an adorable photo of her sitting up on a couch. Baby Mels wore a cute little blue bow on her curly hair while smiling at her mother. Princess’ caption said, “All mine 😩❀️ @melodylovenorwood.”

Melody Norwood

Fans of the 4-month-old flooded Love’s comments.

“She is so gorgeous 😍”

“She is sooooo cute 😍”

“One of the most beautiful babies!”

A couple of fans commented about the infant favoring a baby doll.

“Mels Looking doll like lol”,

“Girl your baby look like a real life doll….toooo cute”

“She’s a perfect little doll! So beautiful”

One person commended Love on having a beautiful baby girl, saying, “she is beautiful, she has her daddy’s eyes and your everything else. A perfect blend 😍😍😍.”

Baby Mels doesn’t only receive endless compliments on her beauty; she’s also notable for being a very smart baby. At only 2 months old, Love recorded her baby say, “I love you.” She shared the video to instagram with he caption “First words! I LOVE YOU #2monthsOld.” Many fans filled the comment section agreeing that they heard her say it, too. “Yeah it did sound like she said I love U cute baby,” one fan said. “Omg it did really sound like she said I love u twice #babygenius,” another fan commented.

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