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Whoa! Tami Roman and Her Daughter Look Just Alike at 23

Tami Roman’s daughter is giving the “Basketball Wives” star a run for her money.

A week after Roman posted a throwback photo from her days on MTV’s “The Real World” she just uploaded another showing just how much her daughter, Lyric Anderson, favors her.

“#tbt me at 23 and @lyricchanel now at 23 she wanna be me SO BAD 😂😂😂 down to the bustier and red lips #imcuter #thickbrows #didntcare #thems—sThreadedToDeathNow 🤦🏽‍♀️,” Roman captioned the Thursday, Sept. 6 Instagram post.

Tami Roman


Fans were amazed at how much the women look alike decades apart at 23.

“Wow, she’s definitely your twin😍❤️.”

“I had to look twice to see which one was which!!! #Twinning.”

“Twinning and both of y’all are absolutely gorgeous.”

“OMG!!! I thought both pics were you.”

“So pretty Tami, you’re just as stunning now 😊”


The mother-daughter pair seems to be particularly close. Lyric accompanied Roman to VH1’s “Dear Mama” special in May. But that doesn’t mean things have always been peachy between them.

A 2013 episode of BBW saw Lyric show up on screen with her weave out of place, which Christian Post reported promptly made her a target for viewers.

“I’m pissed! Weave was not poppin’ on this scene y’all LOL… I had just gotten off a flight…had no time to get it done! Ahhhh…I had to turn that midway through. That hair looked a hot mess SMH. I’ll get em next time LOL…OH WELL! Every Black girl has had a bad weave day before…I’m no different! My privacy & self-love is worth more than any amount of fame.”

But Roman wasn’t going to let Lyric take that on all on her own. She chimed in to take ownership of exposing her daughter to the reality TV world.

“I am SORRY for bringing you into this crazy world of mine and ‘reality’ TV, dragging you out of bed at the last minute to tape when you were sick as a dog…people are mean and I can handle scrutiny and hatred, but you are not built like that NOR are you deserving. Mommy apologizes and will NEVER ask you to be involved with BBW again. You deserve an opportunity to live your life, free of me, my BS and this show. I love you!!!!.”

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