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Lil Scrappy’s Wife Bambi Trashed for Baby Shower Outfit ‘Just Ratchet’

Bambi and her husband Lil Scrappy were all smiles at their recent baby shower, but the mother-to-be’s outfit is what captured fans attention.

Bambi’s friend Malaysia Pargo threw her bestie a 90’s theme celebration on Tuesday. Several of Lil Scrappy and Bambi’s family members were in attendance at the gift-giving ceremony and dressed up as iconic hip-hop figures from the 90’s era. Pargo arrived to the party as ‘Chili’ from TLC and the expecting mother disguised herself as “Rock the Boat” singer Aaliyah.


(photo credit: Lil Scrappy’s Instagram

Lil Scrappy and Bambi seemed to be in good spirits and gave a huge shout out to Pargo for planning their baby shower. Bambi took to Instagram and wrote, “Thank you friend… the 90s themed baby shower #FreshPrinceofAtlanta was perfect. I love youuuuuu!!! I had the best time celebrating with all our family and friends. I didn’t wanna have a baby shower but @malaysiainthecity was not trying to hear that at all. I’m so happy you put this together 💙.”

Some fans thought Bambi’s event was the “best baby shower of the year”, but others slammed the expecting mother for her “unflattering” outfit.

“What in the world is she wearing u could’ve done better cm’on now,” one fan wrote.

“Bambi’s choice of this unsavory outfit just proved that 💰 can’t buy you class,” another person.

“Ummmm Issa No for me on this outfit…shoulda left this for the snap back photos.”

“So sweetie but, that outfit is a hot mess. It may look better on after the baby.”

“This is ratchet, no?”

“I’m sorry I was expecting something elegant and beautiful coming from @adizthebam 😩 RATCHET af lmao”

“Aye why she look like a ghetto pregnant Aaliyah “dust ya self off and try again.”

Another fan said, “Put some damn clothes on. Have some respect.”

Bambi and Lil Scrappy announced their pregnancy to the world in April. The couple revealed that they are expecting a baby boy and he will be their first child together.

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