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Fans Applaud Draya Michele’s ‘Growth’ As She Post Pic As an ‘Honorary Teacher of the Day’

In a recent post of bathing suit designer Draya Michele, fans applauded the star for turning over a new leaf in life.

The 33-year-old has came a long way in her career and people are starting to take notice. She initially made her way into the entertainment industry as Chris Brown‘s girlfriend, but later transformed herself into an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, the mother of two has been progressively making boss moves.

Draya Michele

(photo credit: Draya’s Instagram)

Michele took to Instagram on Tuesday to share great news with fans about having a day named after her. She posted a photo of herself lounging around in her beautifully designed home and wrote, “Tuesday September 4th, 2018 has been proclaimed “Draya Michele Day” by SOUTH SHORE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE PREP HIGH SCHOOL in CHICAGO. Thank you for allowing me to Skype with your students today and be •honorary teacher for the day.”

Fans chimed in under the star’s comments and expressed how proud they were of Michele for turning her life around for the better.

“So proud of your growth and success. It’s been a pleasure watching you evolve. Keep grinding @drayamichele,” one fan wrote.

“Wow! Congratulations, such an honor. You are living proof of change. Keep it up ,” another supporter commented.

“I’ve been a fan and supporter of @drayamichele since I first heard her name love your success and how you’ve over came so many obstacles when so many was rooting against you waiting on the sidelines for you to lose… KEEP IT UP LADY!”

“I’ve watched you grow into this great business woman. I’ve always been a fan but you have def become someone I respect 💙.”

Another fan commented, “Super proud of you and the way you took control of your life,I watched you go from trying to figure it out,to making other muf**kas try to figure it out.”

Michele was pushed into the spotlight after dating Chris Brown in 2011. After her breakup with the singer, she transitioned onto “Basketball Wives of L.A.” and left the show in 2014 due to the way she was being portrayed on air. The star now owns her bathing suit line “Mint Swim.

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