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Cynthia Bailey’s Fiery Hairstyle Is Turning Heads

Cynthia Bailey is taking it back with her newest Instagram post.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star shared a photo of herself Monday taken during a season 9 confessional scene where she debuted a long bob, or a lob, in a deep red hue.

“Sunshine with a little hurricane,” Bailey captioned the post, seemingly remarking on the current hurricane season.cynthia bailey

The hot look, which Bailey first posted on Instagram in October 2017, was styled by Robert J. Stell, and at the time the model confessed she “was in the mood for something different today.”

And it seems that on Labor Day, Bailey was once again itching to switch things up — even if it was just for the ‘gram.

Fans certainly adored the look.

“Stunning, Stun-ning!”

“Beautiful work of art.”

“I love this hair color on you @cynthiabailey10.”

“Oh this picture is EVERYTHING!!!!!💯💯💯💯💯💜💜💜💜💜.”

“Beautiful hair color, what color is it? #love #it.”

The post shows Bailey is no stranger to switching up her hairstyle. Just a month earlier Bailey debuted some bold new braids that were perfect for the summer.

“Thinking my braids kinda 🔥,” Bailey captioned the post.

And fans certainly agreed.

“Yasss BLACK QUEEN…That’s what I’m talking about…We can be Extraordinary UNIQUE WITH OUR STYLES…STAND ON UP IN IT.”

“@cynthiabailey10 the braids ain’t the only thing that is kinda 🔥 the whole look is 🔥🔥🔥.”

“Stop aging backwards OKAY🤣 & yes those braids fit you!!!”

Bailey told Hype Hair in a 2015 cover story that she’s not afraid to take risks with her hair by sporting different wigs and weaves.

“I look at hair as an accessory,” she said at the time. “I change my hair more than I change my jewelry. Wigs are my favorite because when they are cut and styled well, they are the quickest way to change your look.”

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