Cynthia Bailey Praised as ‘Beautiful Black Queen’ for Bold New Braids

Most of Cynthia Bailey’s fans are gushing over her new look but some aren’t quite feeling them. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star debuted some long new braids on Thursday, Aug. 2 and the blonde-tipped look makes the supermodel look even more fierce than usual to some.

“Thinking my braids kinda 🔥 @thezehandz_,” the off-the-market RHOA star captioned the image.

Cynthia Bailey 

The style, which was done by Shakia’ra of Theze Handz Braiding Studio in Baltimore, Md., had fans applauding Bailey’s fit-for-the-summer look.

“Yasss BLACK QUEEN…That’s what I’m talking about…We can be Extraordinary UNIQUE WITH OUR STYLES…STAND ON UP IN IT.”

“Love the braids.”

“@cynthiabailey10 the braids ain’t the only thing that is kinda 🔥 the whole look is 🔥🔥🔥.”

Even still, a few haters managed to make their thoughts known.

“What’s with the fake horse hair?? You have a natural beauty…why do you want to change it with man-made stuff when God made you beautiful? Ahhhhh.”

“You still beautiful Ma they just f—ed ya head up 😂😂😂.”

“ bueno.”

“LOOOOOVVVVE them!!🔥🔥❤️❤️.”

But overwhelmingly, folks ate up the look.

“Stop aging backwards OKAY🤣 & yes those braids fit you!!!”

“Is that a ponytail? Looks cute 😍.”

“Dope Braids Dope Look 👀👸✅.”

Bailey is no stranger to changing up her style. The 51-year-old Major New York modeling agency signee has rocked a variety of hairstyles over the years ranging from a sleek, shoulder-length red ‘do to a massive afro.

“I love weaves, wigs and extensions because I am forever changing my hairstyles. I look at hair as an accessory,” she told Hype Hair in a 2015 cover story. I change my hair more than I change my jewelry. Wigs are my favorite because when they are cut and styled well, they are the quickest way to change your look. And you can take them off at night! It is extremely important to try to keep your own hair healthy between and during wearing weaves and extensions. I always wear wigs when I am taking a weave break.”

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