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Trayvon Martin’s Mom Chides BET for Yanking Latest Installment of Docuseries About Her Son on Labor Day

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of slain teen Trayvon Martin, is heated with BET.

Fulton on Monday made her grievance with the network known when she posted on Instagram that it would not air the fifth part of the documentary “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story,” which was produced by Jay-Z.

“Just found out that #BET has made a programming decision not to air ‘Rest In Power’ tonight as scheduled 😠 #TrayvonMartin17 #RestInPowerTrayvon #YourMomWontGivep #ItsOnParmountNetwork,” Fulton posted on her social media page on Labor Day.

Trayvon Martin


The program is scheduled to air on the Paramount Network and BET every Monday night at 10 p.m., which has been the case since it premiered July 30. But rather than running the next installment of “The Trayvon Martin Story,” BET elected to re-run “The New Edition Story,” presumably in preparation for its latest miniseries, “The Bobby Brown Story,” which airs Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Paramount, however, aired the show as scheduled.

Much like Fulton, fans were just as heated that Black Entertainment Television failed to air the show.

“Wow! Shame on BET!”

“I had it for dvr on bet and just happened to check on it and it wasnt up there 😡, I caught it 30 minutes im on paramount.”

“Why @bet????? We were watching this as a family…..”

“They made the wrong decision! I watched on Paramount and am praying with your family every day.”

“I really would like to know why they aren’t continuing to air Rest in Power?!!”

“Though @bet has redeemed itself in the eyes of some, we must remember that this is the same network that chose not to air the million man march year’s ago when we as a people needed a positive visual of our power. We aren’t surprised, their priorities are often misplaced. Be encouraged, we see and remember but haven’t forgotten. #RestInPowerTrayvonMartin.”

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