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Steve Harvey Asks Fans for Thoughts on His New Look But They Refer Him to His Wife

Steve Harvey is no stranger to being stylish in his own way so the talk show host sporting a new facial accessory shouldn’t be surprising.

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, Harvey posted a photo of himself sporting a salt and pepper beard.

“In Paris doing radio, coming back home soon and I will be taking votes on keeping the beard or not…..” he wrote in the caption.

Steve Harvey

The vote was decidedly mixed.

Several fans wanted to see Harvey sport the new look when he goes back to work in the U.S.

“It’s definitely a keeper, you’ve been to clean cut too long. Change is good. 💙”

“Will tell you now, it looks good so keep the beard for a while longer but not too long.”

“Keep it!! Looks good on u!!”

But others wanted the comedian to bid good riddance to the scruff.

“Please, get rid of the beard sir. I love your original look sir.”

“Shave it you look old with it.”

“No Steve, [let’s lose] the beard.”

And several said that the only vote that counts is that of Harvey’s wife of 10 years, Marjorie.

“I don’t care Steve cause at the end of your decision, Marjorie has the last say…lmbo. BOOM!”

“Like the beard – it looks good on you, but I will have to vote with whatever Marjorie say.”

“Whatever Marjorie said I am riding with her 🌷.”

If Harvey decides to keep the beard, it’ll be the first significant change on his head since he ditched his flattop back in 2007.

“I was about to turn 50 [in Janurary],” he said between takes on his talk show in 2016. “On Chrismas Eve right before that, I just went to Sally Beauty Supply and I bought a pair of Wahl balding clippers. And I went home on Christmas Eve — everybody was out shopping, wife took the kids out — and I just cut them clippers on, man, and I ran a part from this side to this side … once you do that, you can’ fix that hairline. I just went and shaved it all off … I just wanted to reinvent myself.”

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