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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Heavenly Slams Mariah Huq’s Return to ‘Married to Medicine: ‘She Acted a Complete Buffoon This Season’

It’s no secret “Married to Medicine” stars Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Mariah Huq aren’t the best of friends and viewers get a glimpse of the tension to come in the new season premiere.

During a meetup with sex therapist Dr. Tiffany, each of the cast-mates discussed intimacy within their marriage. In the midst of the ladies conversing, Dr. Heavenly extended the olive branch by apologizing to Mariah for drawing a mustache on her poster during last season’s reunion. The Atlanta dentist had a different poster of Mariah remade and hoped “it would mend things gone wrong” in their friendship. However, Dr. Heavenly’s peace offering offended Mariah and turned into an explosive verbal altercation.

Dr. Heavenly

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Mariah accused the Atlanta dentist of choosing the “worst picture” of her to place on the poster and refused to accept the poster. She then told Dr. Heavenly to “kiss it” and stormed out of the building, but not before accusing Dr. Heavenly’s husband Dr. Damon of sleeping with other people.

Dr. Heavenly spilled the tea about Mariah’s feud ahead of the premier in an exclusive interview with Atlanta Black Star and let’s just say she was not thrilled with Mariah’s return.

At the end of “Married to Medicine” season 5 reunion the two co-stars left on bad terms after following the “poster” incident. The mother of three addressed the scene and said it stemmed from Mariah and her family threatening to “slice” her up during a Facebook Live video.

“I thought a funny comeback would be to draw on her poster, “the Atlanta dentist said. “But Mariah always dramatizes everything and makes it more than what it is.”

Mariah will reappear on the show as a full-time cast member this season. However, Dr. Heavenly blasted the star and said Mariah coming back to the show was a “desperate” move.

“She got her peach back [and] did all that she could. … If you watch the show, it’s desperation,” Dr. Heavenly added. “She acted a complete buffoon this season and if that’s what they wanted she got her peach back and did what she needed to do. … She was willing to do anything to get back.”

Fans are anticipating a rousing season 6 after the reality show’s premiere on Sunday night. Dr. Heavenly noted that this season will be “explosive and “exciting.”


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