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Princess Love and Ray J Bring Baby Melody to Meet Minnie Mouse, and She Was Not Amused

“Love and Hip Hop” star Ray J and his wife Princess Love brought their baby Melody Norwood to meet Disney’s Minnie Mouse, and fans couldn’t help but notice how unamused the infant seemed. The reality couple took their baby to a friend of the family’s children’s birthday party, where there were costumed characters. Melody was seen in the photo staring at the Minnie Mouse with a straight face. Princess’ caption read, “Melody’s face 😂 I wonder what she was thinking.”

Ray j And Melody

One fan attempted to guess what baby Mel was thinking, posting, “Her face looks like she’s thinking “Yo, Minnie big as ish! She ain’t that big on TV! Dad u bet not take me any closer!” Lol.”

Two fans suggested that Melody may have known it was a costume.

“She is so observant for her age!! Mickey not getting away with nothing!💕,” one said, with another writing, “She said why you got this fake ass dirty gloved minnie mouse touching me?!”

More fans jokingly attempted to interpret the 3-month-old’s thoughts.

“She looking like gurrrrrlllll if u don’t get out my face today is not the day”

“Lol too adorable she looking at minnie mouse like …”” B prove u really minnie or else”. !!”

“She thinking, ‘A six foot rat!'”

Many fans believe little Mel is very smart for her age, and she definitely has proved it’s true. Love shared a video of her baby girl saying “I love you.” Fans commented in amazement at the baby genius.

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