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Steve Harvey Has Fans In Their Feelings After Posting Rare Michael Jackson Interview In Honor of the King of Pop’s Birthday

Leave it to Steve Harvey to share a hilarious story about how he got to meet Michael Jackson. His humorous post put fans in their feelings.

In a throwback segment on “The Steve Harvey Morning” show Wednesday, Aug. 29 — which was broadcast on what would have been Jackson’s 60th birthday — Harvey aired a talk he had with the late superstar about how they wound up meeting each other.

“People used to tell me different places there’s this guy who talks about you every day,” Jackson says. “And I go, ‘Who is it?’ ‘His name is Steve.’ I go ‘Steve?’ And then I saw the Kings of Comedy show and said, ‘Is this the guy?'”

Harvey added that although he’s received a phone call former President Bill Clinton, from Air Force One, he did not have an impact on him the way the “Thriller” singer ringing up on the show did.

“Clinton cool and everything … he ain’t Michael, though,” Harvey says. “He wasn’t ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Beat It,’ ‘ABC.’

“Lookin’ through the window, window!'” Harvey sings of The Jackson 5 song, “Lookin’ Through the Windows.” “Woo! That was my jam!”

Harvey then launches “I’ll Be There” before urging the studio to sing along.

“Come on, everybody! Sing with us! That was my jam, Mike!”

The throwback post had fans feeling the feels.

“Whew Chile had to end the video before the waterworks started 😢😢😢.”

“That interview was gave him his flowers while he lived. @steveharveyfm.”


“Thanks for playing, I love hearing this rerun, just to hear MJJ’s voice and hear him laugh…I love me some MJJ 💗.”

“Happy Birthday Michael! Thanks, Steve, you give and share so much. You are a blessing and asset to our African-American Community. Love your wisdom! 😊”

Harvey also gave the King of Pop a birthday shoutout on his personal Instagram page writing, “MY MAN!!!!!!!”

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